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Entry types
Total number of entries 19
Normal entries 19
File types
LBA1:GIF image GIF 18
Unknown entry LUN 1
HQR files > LBA 1 > fla_gif.hqr

This file contains the GIF images used instead of the movies in the LBA1 floppy version.

The indices are replacing the fla animation like this:

  • introd: 3, 4, 5
  • baffe*: 6
  • bateau*: 7
  • navette: 15
  • templebu: 12
  • flute2: 8
  • glass2: 8
  • surf: 9
  • verser*: 10
  • neige2: 11
  • capture: 14
  • sendel: 14
  • sendel2: 17
  • dragon3: 1, 2
ID Type Ext Function Content
0 Normal LUN Unknown
1 Normal GIF Intro 1 gif image Twinsen on Dino-Fly
2 Normal GIF Intro 2 gif image Dino-Fly in his nest
3 Normal GIF New game intro 1 gif image Twinsen seeing lights coming out of Sendell's well
4 Normal GIF New game intro 2 gif image Twinsun heating
5 Normal GIF New game intro 3 gif image Twinsun exploding
6 Normal GIF Imprison gif image Twinsen getting punched
7 Normal GIF Travel by sea gif image Twinsen seasick
8 Normal GIF Desert flourish gif image Wise rabbibunny playing flute
9 Normal GIF Travel by railway gif image Twinsen riding cable-railway
10 Normal GIF Clear water melting gif image Twinsen spilling clear water
11 Normal GIF After freeing Col. Kroptman gif image Twinsen falling on snow, Kami is coming
12 Normal GIF After tample of Bù gif image Twinsen exiting the tample of Bù
13 Normal GIF Freeing Zoé gif image Twinsen meeting Zoé's clone
14 Normal GIF Sendell meeting gif image Twinsen and Zoé meeting Sendell
15 Normal GIF Travel by transporter gif image Transporter
16 Normal GIF Twinsen playing flute gif image Twinsen playing flute
17 Normal GIF After Sendell meeting gif image Sendell sending Twinsen and Zoé home
18 Normal GIF FunFrock's fortress destroying gif image Dr. FunFrock's fortress getting destroyed

Information provided by: ChaosFish