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The LBA File Info website uses the FlaggedRevs extension to maintain quality of the information provided here. This extension makes it so if a regular (registered or not) user makes changes to a page, the changes will not be visible until they are approved by an administrator. Newly created pages will be visible, but they will be marked with a warning saying that the page has not been checked.

The possible page states are following:

  • Unreviewed - the page has not been reviewed by an administrator,
  • Inadequate - the page has been reviewed, but the content does not seem to be correct,
  • Sighted - the page has been roughly read and seems correct,
  • Accurate - the page's content has been verified and is correct.

Please note that even the Accurate status does not mean the page is free of errors. It only indicates that it seem free of errors to the administrator that verified it. We cannot guarantee correctness of any information here (just in case).