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This privacy policy states what information about you -- the visitor of this site -- is collected, and where and how this information is used.


While browsing the LBA File Info, no personal information about the visitor is collected. Only anonymous statistics of page views, etc. are collected.

Data sent by your browser (like browser version or the operating system) is stored in the server's access log. This data is never made public, but can be used in cases of illegal hacking attempts or other suspicious behaviour to retrieve the IP address of the visitor by the server administrator. This data may be also used for statistical reports (like screen resolution usage, or geographical statistics).


By editing existing pages or creating new ones as an unregistered user, your IP address is stored and can be viewed and tracked by anyone in the history of each such page.


Registration in LBA File Info is optional. For registering process you have to enter a username and a password, optionally you can also enter an email address and your real name. Your account will be displayed in the User list.

Your account details will never be shared with any other website or party other than the LBA File Info.

Your password is stored in an encrypted form in the database. It's not possible for anyone, not even the site administrator, to view or retrieve your password. Site crew will never ask you for your password.

E-mail Address

Entering an e-mail address is optional, but has several benefits. It can be used to send you a new password in case you've forgotten yours, or for other users to send you a message by a using a form (example). Your e-mail address is never public to other users. It will never be used for mailing lists or spam emails.

Real Name

Entering your real name is optional. This can be used to credit your contributions using your real name. Enter it only if you feel comfortable with it. Young people should never enter their real name online.

"Remember my login on this computer"

While logging in, it's possible to tick the checkbox labeled "Remember my login on this computer". If you do this you will stay logged in if you return to this site, instead of being automatically logged out after a period of time. The login information is stored in a small file (cookie) on the computer.

Do not use this option when using a public computer such as in an internet cafe or library, as other people could use this site under your login.

User pages

It's possible to add more information about yourself on your user page after registering (example), but this is purely optional. It goes without saying you should probably not add any personal information such as full names, and definitely no home addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, etc.


If you have any questions regarding this article or if you are concerned about your privacy while using this website, please contact the site administrator by using this form.