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Island polygons




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The file contains the definition of the ground triangles used for an island section.


There are 64x64x2x4 bytes in the file. The grid for an island section is made of 64x64 squares.

Each square has potentially 2 triangles. Each triangle is defined by a 32 bits bitfield.

  • Bits 0 -> 4 = color: Index in the game palette of the color to use for this triangle (if useColor flag is set)
  • Bits 4 -> 6 = useTexture: Whether to use texturing or not for this triangle.
  • Bits 6 -> 8 = useColor: Whether to use coloring or not for this triangle. (a triangle can be both textured and colored, where there are transparent texture areas)
  • Bits 12 -> 16 = liquid: Animated sea/lava squares near the shore
  • Bits 16 -> 17 = orientation: Direction to use for "cutting" the square into 2 triangles.
  • Bits 19 -> 32 = uvIndex: Index of the UV entry to use for this triangle (see LBA2:Island texture uvs)

Information provided by: Lupin