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Island texture uvs




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The file contains UV texture coordinates for the ground triangles of an island section.

Texture coordinates usually have a representation from 0.0f->1.0f.

Therefore, to convert UV coordinates to the range 0.0f-1.0f, it is necessary to divide the UV by 65535.0f.

(U16)U/65535.0f = 0.0f-1.0f and (U16)V/65535.0f = 0.0f-1.0f


Each entry in the file consists of 12 bytes containing 3 texture coordinates.

1 entry = 1 ground triangle

The number of entries varies between island sections, depending on how many ground triangles are textured.

UV entry[edit]

  • Offset 1: UNSIGNED SHORT (u16): U (Vertex 1)
  • Offset 2: UNSIGNED SHORT (u16): V (Vertex 1)
  • Offset 3: UNSIGNED SHORT (u16): U (Vertex 2)
  • Offset 4: UNSIGNED SHORT (u16): V (Vertex 2)
  • Offset 5: UNSIGNED SHORT (u16): U (Vertex 3)
  • Offset 6: UNSIGNED SHORT (u16): V (Vertex 3)

Information provided by: Lupin