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Island objects info




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This file contains a list of the static 3D objects present on a particular island section. The objects are mostly buildings, but also everything that doesn't move on an island. The actual model is stored in the island's OBL file.


The whole file is an array of object entries.

The number of entries in this file can be found in the corresponding section info file.

Object information entry[edit]

An entry is exactly 48 bytes long.

  • Offset 0: UNSIGNED DWORD (u32): Index of the model in the OBL file
  • Offset 4: DWORD (s32): X
  • Offset 8: DWORD (s32): Y
  • Offset 12: DWORD (s32): Z
  • Offset 16: DWORD (s32): Floor Sound
  • Offset 21: BYTE (u8): Orientation flags

The orientation of the model can be found by looking at the bits 2->4 (0000XX00) of the orientation flags.

  • 00: 0°,
  • 01: 270°
  • 10: 180°
  • 11: 90°

Information provided by: Lupin